Wanting my hot water heater fixed

I have realized that I use a lot of appliances and items in my home. About every cooking pan, dish, and utensil, I use about every week. I love to cook especially for when I have guests. I went to school for business but sometimes I wish that I went to school for cooking instead. I have more of a passion for cooking than I do for my job right now. I feel like if I cooked everyday for eight hours I may be tired, but I would have still a big interest in it. Since I love to cook I always rely on hot water to clean my dishes. Last week I filled my sink with soap and water but I walked away from the sink to do something. I was back about thirty seconds later ready to start cleaning the dishes. I found out that the water was cold! I drained the water out and let the water from the faucet run to see if the water would warm up any. After about five minutes that water never got warm. I decided to call my plumber to see why my water was doing this. I called and made an appointment with him and he showed up to my door about an hour later. I showed him to the sink and he said that he believed that I had a problem with my hot water heater. This was the main reason why my water wasn’t getting hot. He had to replace a part that was broken but I was grateful to have my hot water back so I could continue my cooking.

furnace/heater tune-up