Working and seeing that the faucet keeps dripping

I live in a small town.

  • I like it a lot because you know every one, but at the same time people know everything.

When living in a small neighborhood people know the gossip about everything and everyone. At times it can get frustrating and other times it can be pretty humorous when you hear something funny about someone. The summer’s where I live is nice because you can swim in the river and go kayaking. My summer time job also opens up. Where I labor they sell fruits, vegetables and flowers. It’s a small country store that also sells sandwiches and baked goods. Every year when they open up something inside the store swings. Whether it be the layout of how the produce part is set up or the layout in the bake part it is always exciting. This year they finally decided to repair the leaking faucet. When I would labor in the bake part while doing the dishes I would fill up the water with soap and rinse the dishes and put them on the drying rack. I would get so sad because everytime that I turned the water off the faucet would just continue to drip with water. The dripping sound would not only irritate me while I was laboring but my coworkers as well. There were plenty of times that my good friend and I told our bosses that my good friend and I needed it fixed. It didn’t get fixed until months after when my good friend and I came back to the store to labor in the summer, however during that time I was hoping that they would at least call a plumber.

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